Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guitarist/Composer Alex Anthony Faide has a decades-long international reputation for being the secret weapon in rock recordings, arrangements, and stage productions in Europe and Latin America. Now based in Seattle, WA, Faide will release his long- awaited solo record – Particles of the Infinite – a display of guitar pyrotechnics in nine parts, in March 2022 on Trey Gunn’s label 7d Media.  Inspired by and developed from concepts found in songs such as King Crimson’s “Fracture” and “Lark’s Tongues in Aspic,”  Faide takes the work beyond the stratosphere into the mirror dimension to find something completely his own. In the words of his mentor Robert Fripp, “AAF plays my guitar parts better than I do.”  


Faide spent 2017-19  touring, songwriting, and arranging, with Mexican hard rock heroes Molotov on their MTV Unplugged Show “El Desconecte” and as a sideman for Molotov front man Tito Fuentes’ acclaimed solo record “El Ocaso.” He is currently working on a new project with legendary German producer/songwriter Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, founder and main composer for the band Nena.  


Faide is the co-founder of cherished 3rd wave surf rock band, Los Twang! Marvels, in addition to Los Gauchos Alemanes/Electric Gauchos. He has also worked with artists including Markus Reuter, Namgar, Willie Campins, Crystal Beth, TROOT, Kathy Moore, Tiny Orchestral Moments, Los Primitivos, and Lutz Petersen, among countless others. 


“Alex Anthony Faide plays my guitar parts better than I do.” 

— Robert Fripp

“...amazing performance, brilliant songwriting skills and a superb recording.”

— Oasis Entertainment

“...this do it all cat, who gets some props from Fripp himself, comes in with the kind of Crimsonoid Frippertonics that fall somewhere to the right of Zappa’s jazz from hell and land without a thud.  A high minded take on shredarooney, Faide might well be the new definition of chops.” 

— Midwest Record

“Faide unfolds a tuneful tapestry…As far as debut albums go, this attempt to measure the infinity should be considered a success.”

— dme let it rock

“ impressive virtuosity that enables [Faide]  to seemingly effortlessly implement the great challenge of playing even the most difficult guitar motifs…”

— Siggy Zielinski / Baby Blaue-Seiten

“It is fierce, menacing, brutal, filled with attitude, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Particles of the Infinite is an impressive release from Faide.”

— Echoes and Dust

“This is unique, stunning and richly interesting music.…a real screamer that rocks like crazy.” 

— Music street journal


2022Alex Anthony Faide - Particles of the Infinite
2021New Atlantis Project - Single: 9 Years to Save the World
2021Crystal Beth - Episodic Memory
2020Crystal Beth - Single: So Much It Hurts (REMIX)
2020Crystal Beth - Single: WaterSong (REMIX)
2020Crystal Beth - Single: Darlin
2020Crystal Beth - Single: Mohai Ritual
2019Tito Fuentes / El Ocaso
2019The Gardeners - Waiting For Her To Cry
2019Virago - Virago’s Lament
2019Crystal Beth & Boom Boom Band - Yugen 4
2018Molotov MTV El Desconecte
2018Freunde Der Italienischen Oper - Via Dolorosa
2018Troot – Constance and the Waiting
2017Willie Campins - El Color De Este Jardin
2016Los Primitivos - Yearning
2016Max Country Music
2016Electric Gauchos - Live At The Usina Del Arte
2015Temper - Turdessa Thumri Vol. II & III
2015Markus Reuter - Mundo Nuevo
2015Moink - Everything’s Falling Apart
2015Sinister Kris - Shiver Shiver Shake
2014Mystical Communication Service - Gypsy Spirit
2014Studio Work With Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen
2013Studio Work With Lutz Fahrenkrog-Petersen
20131605Munro - Paramount Concrete
2013Rob Ryan Roadshow - Cold Hard Truth
2012Namgar/Markus Reuter - The Dawn Of The Foremothers
20121605Munro - The Bogota Hotel Sessions
20121605Munro - The Moabit Sessions
2011Los Twang! Marvels - Hey Monstruo/Virgenes Del Sol 7”
2011Rob Ryan Roadshow - Let’s Get The Show On The Road
2008Pep Torres - Muchacho Zafado
2008Los Twang! Marvels - Jungle Of Twang
2008Teenage Terror - Set A Rip
2008Ray Allen & The Blue Rhythms
2006Los Twang! Marvels - Guitars In Orbit
2006Los Twang! Marvels - Prueba De Fuego
1999Steve Ball - Greenthumb
1999Los Gauchos Alemanes - Gauchomania
1998Electric Gauchos - Blue Orb
1998Santos Luminosos - Metal Ambiente
1995Ley De 7
1995The Grossderschau Sessions
1993Flor De Maldad